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Scenes from the Resistance: the Women’s March in NYC, January 20, 2018

One year in, and we’re still going strong. There seemed to be no end to the sea of pink hats and defiant signs, even before arriving at the rally and march sites; we packed the subways, jammed the stairs exiting to the streets, emerged into a crisp winter morning ready to make our voices heard once again.

Here are some scenes. As always, please contact me if you’d like to add context, reuse an image, or request that something be taken down. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to REGISTER TO VOTE this November. Because everything is on the line.



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Scenes from the Resistance: Rally for the Dreamers in NYC, September 9, 2017


In repealing DACA and throwing the lives of 800,000 undocumented young people into uncertainty and fear, the cruelty of this vile and vicious administration continues. But so does the determination of those who stand against it.

Below (and above) are scenes of last weekend’s rally in front of the Trump International Hotel in New York City, organized by the volunteer movement Movimiento Cosecha. I found it extraordinarily moving to be a part of it: to witness the outpouring of support for the Dreamers, to sit for eleven minutes in tribute to the 11 million undocumented residents of the country, to stand and march, and especially to hear young DACA recipients share their heartfelt and heartbreaking stories.

One man asked us to scream, as loud as we could, then to press our fists against our stomachs as hard as we could; “That’s how I feel every day,” he said. And then he asked us to hold hands — a crowd of hand-holding strangers, a thousand-strong, momentarily reaching past our personal boundaries to realize the power of being connected, of being ONE community of Americans… if we choose to be. “My voice, your voice,” we chanted. “My family, your family. My children, your children.”

Movimiento Cosecha is continuing to organize rallies and larger actions nationwide. Please visit their website and follow them on Twitter or Facebook to see how you can help.

The fight continues.


Please contact me if you want to reuse an image. If you or your sign are in a photo, I’m happy to include more information, or take it down at your request.

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Scenes from the Resistance: LGBTQ Solidarity March at Stonewall Inn, NYC

It’s only been two weeks into this abomination of an administration, and already there’s so much to protest. But we’re still raising our voices, making calls, and putting our bodies in the streets. May we have the strength to do so for as long as it takes.

Here are photos I took at yesterday’s LGBTQ Solidarity March at Stonewall Inn (my family and I could only be at the edge of it, as the crowd of thousands spilled over into the adjacent streets).

The Resistance continues.



















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Scenes from the Resistance: the Women’s March in NYC

I’m so incredibly awed, inspired, and humbled to have been a tiny part of this upwelling of decency, defiance, righteous anger, kindness, and courage — not just here in New York but all around the world. Humanity at its best. Dark forces are abroad, and who knows if they’ll prevail; but let today make it absolutely clear that we who stand against the darkness are many. The future is not yet written, and we have many hands with which to write it.

Here are a few photos I took in the march today. (Feel free to contact me if you want to reuse an image. If you or your sign are in a photo, I’m happy to include more information, or take it down at your request.)




Yoko Ono in the house!

Yoko crop.jpg

The next generation, doing us proud:

Dissent crop.jpg



Laws Off crop.jpg

The spirit of Carrie Fisher presided over the march, through many signs like this one:

Carrie Fisher crop.jpg


Love the message on the pink sign below. The other, of course, is a lyric from Hamilton, a show that inspired many signs — including Hercules Mulligan’s “You knock me down, I get the fuck back up again” and, my favorite, “My dog speaks more eloquently than thee.”

Hamilton crop.jpg

So many people.


I absolutely love the detail and craftsmanship on this sign. And the message.

Seeds crop.jpg

And this, a moving quote from the Captain America comic (later reused for the movie Civil War):  “This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world: No, YOU move.”

Captain America crop.jpg

Men of Quality crop.jpg

Bitches crop.jpg


Lots of encouragement from the crowd on the overpass at Grand Central.

Grand Central crop.jpg



And here’s the flip side of the “Queers Without Borders” sign:


Excellent advice for everyone, as we brace ourselves for the long struggle ahead.

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