“Let It Go” conquers the world

There’s the “official baby version” that slays with cuteness. There’s the hilariously (yet beautifully) sung homage from members of Pentatonix. There’s the toddler who was delightfully warbling the chorus on infinite repeat during my recent visit to the Museum of Natural History. This song is absolutely everywhere, and now here it is yet again — the mighty “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, sung in 25 languages from the film’s various international versions:

4/13 Update — And here are the women behind the voices:

If I despised this song I’d be completely miserable by now. Good thing, then, that I love it: it’s a perfectly-written anthem of self-acceptance and liberation that isn’t tied to any specific emotional relationship (unlike, say, Taylor Swift’s declarations of independence from boyfriends du jour). No surprise, then, that it’s been embraced by folks of all ages as a talisman in their own struggles against fear and shame, their own myriad journeys towards confidence and fulfillment. Just a pop song? Well, yes. But music and culture snobs scoff at the power of pop songs at their peril. This one sticks to the ears, lifts the heart, and dares us to be brave, and I think it’s here to stay.


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