Brilliant. Just bloody brilliant.

And here’s a harrowing video showing the advanced stages of this condition:

10/23 Update: It’s becoming clearer and clearer that this is not just a humorous but a very potent line of attack. And after the President’s killer debate performance last night (“horses and bayonets” — fantastic!), it’s more lethal than ever:

Obama, turning serious, saves the best point for last: all joking aside, this is all about trust. After Mitt Romney has taken all conceivable positions on every conceivable issue, I find it utterly impossible to believe anything the man says. (Unless, perhaps, it’s what he says candidly to a group of peers behind closed doors.) Moderate swing voters who ignore Romney’s shapeshifting, and who feel confident they know what his true priorities are, may yet elect this walking question mark to the presidency. But they do so at their peril, and the nation’s.

(via DailyKos)


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