Why libraries matter, cont’d: Help a library grow!

The public library of the town of Shutesbury, Mass. needs your help:

From their YouTube page:

We’re a small town in Massachusetts, population ~1800. Our cute little library was built 110 years ago, for a town of 400 people.

Features of our current library building:
* No running water. The composting toilet and hand sanitizer goes only so far with kids in tow
* So small that our weekly story hours can only accommodate 5 or 6 children
* Librarian must turn away volunteers, since we can only fit two adults behind the desk
* Can’t fit people lingering over the stacks; it’s in, a quick browse, and out
* No room for students to study
* Zero privacy for people wanting to use one of our two computers
* Can’t host any events or meetings for more than a handful of people
* Free wifi (only part of our town has high speed internet of any kind). People sit with their laptops in their cars, since there’s literally no room in the building

That’s right–there’s no room in our cute little library to sit and read a book!

Here’s the awesome news: The state Library Commission has agreed that we desperately need a new building, likes our plans for one, and has promised to fund 60% of it. That means they’ll kick in $2.1 million — as long as we raise $1.4 million by June 30. So far, we’ve raised about $180,000.

A generous anonymous donor has provided us with a $150,000 matching gift. Will you help us reach this goal?

Every little bit helps.

You can make a donation on their website. Come on, folks! In an era when small individual donations can power a candidate to the presidency, surely we can all pool our resources and help a small-town library out. Chip in (by June 30), and spread the word. Thanks.

(via AbeBooks)

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