Hollywood fail: representing women in movies

Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency looks at the most recent crop of Oscar nominees through the lens of the Bechdel Test, and reveals how awfully — still — women are depicted in Hollywood movies today:

Sarkeesian’s earlier video on the Smurfette Principle is also worth watching:

Things will look up, I hope, in the near future. If I recall correctly, The Hunger Games (in print, at least) features significant non-boy-centered conversations among the women characters, something I hope the movie depicts; and Brave, I hope, will showcase more interacting women than just the already-awesome Merida making her way through a man’s world (not that that isn’t a compelling premise by itself).

But I fear that even if both films pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors they’ll be exceptions. Note to Hollywood: make more films that don’t ignore or insult half the world’s population, please.

(via FlickFilosopher)



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