Train makes me happy

So sue me.

Gotta love that playful, free-associative, it’s-all-good attitude that can drop “deep-fried chicken,” “soy latte,” and “Mister Mister” into the lyrics for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Because you know what? They’re right. It’s all good.

(Also, “Drops of Jupiter” has that transformative “na na” coda that I love, which means the song makes it on my list of favorite anthemic sing-alongs.)

This is sticky music, made to cling to the insides of your head — the front lobe of your left side brain, to be exact — and to put a jaunt in your step and a skip in your walk. To me, anyway.

And if you find you can’t get these songs out of your head either, hey — you’re welcome.

Update: A couple of great live versions here and here. Some fun, and unannounced, performances in a Stockholm shopping mall here and here. And a very cute — and impressive — cover of “Hey Soul Sister” here.

Update 2: An alternate video for “Drops of Jupiter” here. And I humbly take back my (possibly condescending) implication that the song is merely thoughtlessly playful; turns out it’s inspired by the death of lead singer Pat Monahan’s mother. The song’s subtle undercurrent of melancholy makes much more sense to me now.


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