The president sings!

Oh, yeah:

Not bad at all; wish he’d gone on a little longer. Better, in my opinion, than Bill Clinton’s not-incompetent sax-playing — and certainly much better than Clinton’s own attempts at singing. In any case, it’s always refreshing to see politicians exhibit something that rounds out their image in our eyes, some humanizing passion or special talent — an area in which the current Republican presidential candidates seem to fall miserably short. (By contrast, their fellow Republican Condoleezza Rice, whatever one thinks of her performance as Secretary of State, can at least play a mean piano. As could, for that matter, Richard Nixon.)

Not that any of this is a proper measure by which to judge our political leaders, of course.

The original:

Update: Aaaand it looks like President Obama has just helped Al Green make a little money: in the week since the presidential crooning, sales of “Let’s Get Together” jumped nearly five hundred percent. Talk about the power of product placement!


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