Fight this bill, cont’d: What the Internet-killing bills will do, and why you should care

This one is important, and I highly urge you to watch. Clay Shirky brilliantly explains what damage the SOPA and PIPA bills will do, puts them into historical context, and — most importantly — links the issue to the larger picture of civil rights, due process, and the principle of being presumed innocent until proven guilty:

More reasons to fight SOPA and PIPA here.

Ultimately, as Shirky shows, this is an issue that’s larger than the Net; it’s about our right to create and share, our right to the free exchange of views and information — and it’s a right that Big Media will continue to challenge on whatever technological platform, whether on the Web or beyond. They don’t want us to be creators and remixers and sharers of content; they want us to be passive consumers, full stop.

Please contact your representatives and demand that they stand up for free expression, and against censorship. This is an issue that affects all of us. And it’s a fight we have to win.


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