“Band together in order to be different. That’s a much harder thing to sell, but it’s all that matters.”

An amazing, amazing rant by Penn Jillette. Worth watching in full (note: language NSFW).

Politically, perhaps the most interesting bits are where he explains the recent history of the umbrella term “Christian,” his preference for straight-up truth-telling over building consensus and solidarity, and the disconnect between politicians’ demonstrable sanity (he thinks) and their paying lip-service to insane religious beliefs. (Though I would argue that politicians who actively oppose abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage are doing more than paying lip-service to narrow religious views.)

A few related clips come to mind. First, an excellent video clearly showing Barack Obama not being bat-shit crazy:

And a couple of great West Wing excerpts on religion and politics. One from the second season:

And one towards the series’ end. Senator Arnold Vinick’s statement to the press (at around 3:50) about the separation of church and state is spot-on:

Something to think about in this long, Bible-thumping political season.

(via Boing Boing)


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