Tim Minchin is Jesus

Or so Jonathan Ross tries to get him to admit, anyway, at the end of this video. Naturally, Tim/Jesus ducks the question.

Brilliant. Minchin tells the story behind the song, which was eventually cut from the program:

[Director] Peter Fincham demanded that I be cut from the show.

He did this because he’s scared of the ranty, shit-stirring, right-wing press, and of the small minority of Brits who believe they have a right to go through life protected from anything that challenges them in any way. […]

It’s 2011. The appropriate reaction to people who think Jesus is a supernatural being is mild embarrassment, sighing tolerance and patient education.

And anger when they’re being bigots.

Oh, and satire. There’s always satire.

Seems like America isn’t the only Western country with its share of humorless religious conservatives (and spineless media). Oh well. At least the song is out there, mild cheeky thing that it is, and guaranteed a long life on YouTube.

Elsewhere, in the wake of the demise of Kim Jong Il, a tweeter comments:

If the feats attributed to Kim Jong Il allegedly happened 2,000 years ago and were written in a book, would you so readily laugh them off?

Good point indeed.

(via Pharyngula and Unreasonable Faith)


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