The bullshit of gender-coding

Emily Asher-Perrin agrees with me:

The Dangerous Book for Boys was a huge hit a few years back, and The Daring Book for Girls was quick to follow. But the while the girls book did contain useful information on how to change tires and start fires, I’m pretty sure that the boys book didn’t carry lessons for palm-reading or having a sceance. Why? I read boys’ palms when I was a kid. They got a kick out of it. Guess that’s a “daring” activity, but not “dangerous” enough for them. The Dangerous Book for Boys, on the other hand, had lessons for building a treehouse.

You know what? I would have loved to build a treehouse. Why is there a different book for me? Couldn’t this be one mega book — The Daring and Dangerous Book for Kids?

It’s not just science. It’s not just math. It’s not just about girls being “too pretty” to do homework. (What does that even mean?) It’s about gender-coding every color, toy and activity that children do, to the point where disobeying those rules can lead to terrible consequences among their peers.

Much more here.

(Image via lilsugar)


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