What is an American? cont’d: Superman is an illegal immigrant

Texas governor Rick Perry has claimed that Superman is his favorite superhero. Echoing Jose Antonio Vargas’ argument, Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine responds:

My favorite bit:

Superman came to the United States — as an undocumented immigrant. He risked his life sneaking over the border in an asteroid spaceship thing, and he loved America so much that he was willing to take on a secret identity, live a double life, and step up to do all the hardest, most backbreaking work that no one else was willing to do, so that he could be a part of America.

Yes. Brilliant.

To be fair to Perry (though I shudder to make such an admission), he did sign a Texas version of the DREAM Act and has said he wants undocumented immigrants to become “contributing members of our society.” But his record on immigration issues is nevertheless mixed, and Smooth’s argument is still an excellent swipe at the attitude of the Republican Party as a whole.

More thoughts on being American here. And more thoughts on Superman (and superheroes) here.

(via The Duck of Minerva)


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