“We’ve got to be that light”: Paying tribute to America’s teachers

To celebrate the beginning of a new schoolyear in the U.S., here’s a very moving musical tribute to America’s teachers — a collaboration between John Boswell of Symphony of Science and educator-astrophysicist Jeff Goldstein:

An international version, which leaves out the video’s criticism of America’s current “teach to the test” philosophy, will apparently be coming out soon.

On his blog, Goldstein explains:

Right now, in this very moment, we wanted to poetically and passionately reaffirm to teachers why they went into teaching, and for the millions of teachers across America, recognize their selfless and noble dedication to lighting the way.
We also wanted to help our nation recognize that teaching wells from what it means to be human, and the need to link past generations to the next. Learning is not driven by the need to get a good job or to earn money. it is driven by biology. And for those that cannot see beyond jobs and money as the motivation for education, and testing as the means to get there as a nation, I say loudly and clearly, let us embrace joyful education leading to joyful employment. Let us embrace student ownership in learning and exploration. Let us embrace the notion that our children are born to learn, and the gift of teaching is to patiently and artfully help our children in their journey.

This is why we tell stories. Ths is why we teach. To pass a piece of ourselves to the next generation — so that the young can aspire to cross frontiers none have crossed before.



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