Only in dark the light, cont’d: We all shine on

I’ve mentioned the work of photographer Phil Hart, who captures breathtaking images of bioluminescent phenomena. Deep-sea explorer and bioluminescence expert Edith Widder delves even more into the mystery of living lights in the deep:

An earlier and more extensive presentation here.

Considering how much we don’t know about the universe at large — we’re apparently ignorant of what makes up 95 percent of it — it’s incredible how much we still have to learn about our own planet’s ocean: it covers nearly two-thirds of the Earth and yet the vast majority of it (the figure is also, coincidentally, 95 percent) remains unexplored. These percentages should remind us how many more questions and discoveries lie ahead — a daunting or exhilarating thought, I suppose, depending on your tolerance for ignorance and curiosity. And they should also lend urgency to the need to preserve and protect our marine environments, lest we heedlessly destroy what we are only beginning to understand.

A final cool thought: humans, too, are bioluminescent. Apparently, all living things are, to greater or lesser extent. We all shine on, indeed; John Lennon was more right than he knew.

(via TED)

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