“The 25 most influential living atheists”

A list from SuperScholars.org, including Amazon links to some of the authors’ works. Pleased and intrigued to see some names I haven’t encountered (Kai Nielsen? Susan Blackmore?) and some I’ve been meaning to get to (I really should finish Jennifer Michael Hecht’s Doubt: A History and pick up Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation one of these days).

Sadly, the list is still mostly male, and all white. Granted, the listmakers claim their focus is on scholarship rather than “just” advocacy and popularization, and maybe ivory tower atheism isn’t very diverse. But even so: If Christopher Hitchens makes the cut, why not writer, activist, and think-tank intellectual Ayaan Hirsi Ali? And if Philip Pullman makes the cut — with fantasy novels that aren’t exactly straight scholarly treatises — why not fellow fabulist Salman Rushdie, who has written directly about the problem of religion, and whose life has famously been threatened for his blasphemy? Perhaps this speaks to the need to be more inclusive among atheist intellectuals, and in the atheist community at large.

In any case, more additions to my tottering bookpile…

(via RichardDawkins.net)


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