No stinking calculators, cont’d: Vi Hart’s math doodles

I love discovering stuff like this. Vi Hart is an artist, writer, musician (check out her classical compositions based on the Harry Potter books) and mathematician who posts increasingly popular YouTube videos on “math doodles” and other mathematical and musical adventures. Here’s a favorite (though they’re all good):

I love a good pun (“serpentagram,” ha!) and the Little Prince reference is a nice touch.

The best part from her New York Times profile:

She is also happy that, unlike in her early efforts, which drew an audience typical of mathematics research — older and male, mostly — the biggest demographic for her new videos, at least among registered users, are teenage girls.

“I just think that’s really awesome,” she said, “because you’ve got girls in middle school and high school who are suddenly enjoy mathematics and enjoying being a little nerdy and smart, and we need that.”

More videos at the link above, as well as on her YouTube page and website (which also features her other creative projects).

My other posts on cool math here.


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