“What they were made of was historic”: why I vote (and vote Democrat)

I can’t really put it better than Darcy Burner:

We have been given something for which people have fought and died over the entire history of humankind. Handed it, gift-wrapped with a bow, to use as we see fit, the enduring trust of generations in our hands. We’ve been given the right to self-governance, founded on the idea that justice can exist only where government serves the people, rather than people being subservient to the government.

The currency of this realm is your vote. Treasure it. Understand its value. It is the manifestation of your share of the power – and the obligation – in our democracy.

People have given their lives for the right to self-governance. Government of, by, and for the people is the most radical notion on earth.

And why support the Democrats? Because Rachel Maddow has it about right:

When one party controls the executive branch and the legislative branch, it gives you a rare but clear and unobstructed view of what that party stands for, what that party’s made of, what that party values. […] What did the Democratic Party do with these last 21 months? What did they stand for? What were they made of? It turns out what they were made of was historic.

Maddow’s assessment, particularly in the second part of the video, is worth remembering, on this Election Night and for the months and years to come:

The legislative agenda of the last 21 months was policy, not politics. It was designed to get stuff done for the country. And in that sense, it‘s an investment in long-term political reward, not short-term political reward, as Democrats expect after a list of accomplishments like this to be judged as the party that took on problems when it had the chance, even if they had to pay a short-term political price.

The political capital that Democrats accumulated over the last two elections was spent in these last 21 months. And it was spent on policy, hard votes with long-time horizons that don‘t translate into killing the other party in the next election.

It’s a good guide for deciding whom to support in future elections, I think. When a political party is handed the keys to power, see what they do with it. Remember. And vote accordingly.

(h/t Bob Cesca)


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