Cowboys and ninjas? Finally.

I can imagine one way the premise for this movie might have emerged in the filmmakers’ brains: Perhaps they were getting soused at some bar, tossing around ideas about what the next project should be — a buddy comedy? a crime drama? a Western? — and upon hearing the last suggestion someone slurs out the phrase “cowboys ‘n’ injuns.” “What’s that?” ask the others, “cowboys ‘n’ ninjas?” “No, cowboys ‘n’ injuns.” “Ohhh, we thought you said cowboys ‘n’ ninjas.” Then they fall silent, and after a long moment the light bulbs flicker on above their heads.

Cowboys and ninjas, and wire-fu, and swordplay, and steampunk Gatling guns, and cheesy digital scenery, and Geoffrey Rush. What’s not to like?

There are some concepts that, when combined, just can’t help but light up the geek pleasure centers of the brain. Marvel/DC crossovers. The Napoleonic Wars, with dragons. Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy fighting zombies. Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter.

And Terminator meets The Matrix meets Bollywood — sure, why not?

All these giddy mash-up concepts, of course, need good stories to back them up — or at least stories so bad they’re good. Will The Warrior’s Way live up to its premise? We shall see. Regardless, the trailer is enjoyable enough on its own; perhaps an argument could be made for trailers being art forms in and of themselves.



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