“Cutting libraries in a recession is like cutting hospitals in a plague.”

Just a reminder that New York’s public libraries are in deep financial trouble; details here. The good news is that you (yes, YOU, reading this post right now, wherever you are in the world) can help — and you don’t even have to leave your computer. But do it now — the budget will be voted on this month. Here’s how to help:


The most important thing you can do is let New York’s elected officials know how much you value the libraries, and demand that their funding be restored in the city’s budget. Even messages from out-of-towners will be sent to the mayor and the city council speaker. Go to the links below (all three links, for three separate library systems) to send a personalized e-message.

New York Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library
Queens Library


Click the above links to donate online. You can also text NYPL to 27722 to give $10 to the New York Public Library. A $10 donation will be added to your mobile phone bill. Go to mGive.com/A for details; message and data rates may apply.


Any way you know how.


(Image credit: Daniel Solis)


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