On librarian stereotypes, cont’d.

Via the Librarian in Residence blog at the Goethe-Institut New York, here’s a quick follow-up to the article by Sam Roberts which I wrote about and which seems to have raised librarians’ hackles:

Barbara Gray, director of News Research of the New York Times, has stepped into the breach for her chastised colleague: ”I talked to Sam and he does know that [National Archives director David] Ferriero is an example of the caliber of folks that make up our ranks, not an anomaly. He told me that he meant stereotype in terms of an ‘overused, outdated cliché’, which may be what he should have said then, I think. (…) Our Senior Editor for Standards agrees that this is an example of why it’s best to avoid using clichés in reporting, especially antiquated ones.”

Nice to know that the New York Times takes this so seriously. Hopefully other journalists will as well.



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